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Message from the President


Takeshi Saito


School corporation TBC Gakuin Oyama school

劇場のように毎日が楽しい学校作りをモットーに、教職員が一丸となって学生をサポートするTBC学院。 我々の社会貢献は、不登校生支援、地元優良企業への人材供給、生涯学習のための環境整備、そして芸術の発信ととどまることを知りません。都会にはない、極め細やかな対応、 時代を先取りした学習内容が、その発想を生み出し、その成果を学生自身が築き上げてくれたのです。 TBC学院は、これからも地元の活性を常に考え、独創性の高い学校作りをお約束いたします。

With the motto of creating a school where every day is fun like a theater, TBC Academy supports students as a team. We know that our social contributions are limited to supporting school refusal students, supplying human resources to excellent local companies, creating an environment for lifelong learning, and disseminating art. The meticulous response and the learning content that was ahead of the times, which are not found in the city, created the idea and the students themselves built up the result. TBC Gakuin will continue to consider local activities and promise to create a highly original school.

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